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VIVALDI PAC, specialist in heat pumps for swimming pool

For 15 years, Vivaldi has been designing and marketing in Europe heat pumps for swimming pools, for private and public use, under the Picolo, Harmonie HPX, Concerto X Inverter, Opera X Inverter, Crescendo Inverter, Symphonie Full Inverter, Tenor and Tenor X Inverter ranges. All products designed and manufactured by Vivaldi are exclusively distributed through a network of professional distributors, pool manufacturers and installers.

Piscine Pac picolo
For above ground and small pools up to 25m3

The brand new range of Vivaldi Picolo heat pumps for small pools allows you to enjoy the comfort of water at 28°C throughout the season.

Piscine PAC heatpower
For above ground and in ground pools & spas from 10 to 75m3

Thanks to the performance of the Vivaldi Harmonie HPX heat pump, prolong your pleasure in water at 28°C in all seasons.

Piscine PAC concerto
For pools from 10 to 75m3

The inverter technology of the Concerto X serie heat pumps range adapts the speed (and consumption) of the compressor according to the pool’s heating needs.

Piscine pac opera
For pools from 10 to 75m3

The variable fan speed of our new Opera X series heat pumps and the new blade profile significantly reduce the noise level.

Piscine PAC crescendo
For outdoor and indoor pools from 30 to 150m3

The Inverter technology of our top-of-the-line heat pump adapts the speed and consumption of the compressor according to the heating conditions of the pool.

For outdoor and indoor pools from 20 to 70m3

Our Symphonie heat pumps for collective swimming pools are the most efficient and silent range.

Piscine PAC Ténor
For collective swimming pools up to 1000m3

Our Tenor heat pump for collective pools offer a robust range of products for large pools from 150 to 1000m3

Pompe à chaleur collectivité
For collective pools up to 500m3

Our Tenor TX Inverter heat pumps for collective swimming pools use R32 Inverter technology for large pools from 130 to 500m3.

Piscine luxe PAC

The heat pumps in the Harmonie, Concerto and Opera ranges are designed for above ground or in ground pools for private use, with pool sizes ranging from 20 to 130m3.

The Picolo range completes this offer with a mini heat pump designed for small pools up to 25m3.

Piscine collective PAC

The heat pumps in the Tenor range are particularly suitable for heating private swimming pools for collective use, such as:

  • Swimming pools for housing estates
  • Swimming pools for holiday homes
  • Hotel pools
  • Camping pools
Piscine couverte PAC

The heat pumps in the Inverter range (4 Seasons) are designed for use in ambient temperatures down to -7°C.

Products developed for all uses

As an exclusive manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps, the company has designed 26 models of heat pumps, which are available in the following product ranges:


  • Picolo range (2 models up to 25m3) specially designed for above gound pools, spas and small pools
  • Harmonie HPX range (4 models for pools from 10 t 75m3 at 5°C), mid-range heat pumps with an optimal performance/price ratio
  • Symphonie full Inverter range (4 models for pools up to 75m3, operating from -15°C)
  • Concerto and Opera X Inverter range (9 models for private use pools from 10 to 130m3 from -10°C)
  • Crescendo Inverter range (8 models for private outdoor and indoor pools from 10 to 150m3, from -7°C)
  • Tenor TX Inverter range (4 models, for collective pools from 150 to 500m3 with inverter technology)

A robust and elegant design, technological choices and a manufacturing quality controlled by an independent European laboratory, give the products flawless reliability and proven quality.

Always by your side

Since the beginning, Vivaldi has always focused on:


  • Be present in all market segments (covering both private and public needs for pools from 20 to 1000m3.)
  • To offer the widest possible range of products (26 models with increasing pond sizes from 10 to 1000m3.)
  • To design and sell reliableheat pumps that offer one of the best price/power ratios on the market
  • To propose pumps that are discreet from aethetic and sound’s point of view (perfectly adapted to pools installed on small fields)
  • To provide professionals with heat pumps available in stock and delivered within 48 hours, anywhere in Europe
  • To propose a reactive and efficient pre-sales and after-sales service with a hotline accessible every day of the week
  • To propose a complete range of installation accessories

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