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Since 2007 we have been a specialist in pool heat pumps and we strive to improve our pool heat pumps with new technologies to make them more energy efficient, less expensive to use and quiter by using “low noise” compressors. Inverter technology adapts the speed (and power consumption) of the compressor according to the pool’s heating needs.


For each pool there is a Crescendo Inverter heat pump. Providing innovative and high quality heat pumps is our mission but also our passion.




Inverter technoloy adapts the speed (and power consumption) of the compressor according to the pool’s heating needs. The Crescendo Inverter significantly improves the COP and therefore increases performance. Unlike a system that operates in on/off mode (i.e at 100% of its power at each start-up), the Crescendo Inverter technology only requires 20% of the pump’s capacity if its needed. The use of a new electronic module also allows for optimal management of defrosting cycles. Thanks to the Inverter technology, a new type of DC Inverter compressor associated with a larger eveporator and a titanium helical exchanger, the Crescendo Inverter heat pump easily reach a COP of 6 to 8 depending on the model.


The variable fan speed and the new blade profile considerably reduce the noise level. The pumps are equipped with a silent mode that instantly reduces the perceived noise by -9dB while maintaining an appreciable power. The silence of the Crescendo Inverter pumps will allow you to enjoy your pool in a complete peace of mind.



Operating at very low temperatures, the Inverter heat pumps are particularly well suited to the heating needs of indoor pools and ponds located in cold region. Prolong your pleasure in a water at 28°C in all seasons!


The Inverter improves the COP, and therefore increases savings. Contrary to a system operating in all-or-nothing mode (AON), i.e at 100% of its power at each start-up, Crescendo’s Inverter technology allows to use only 20% of the pump’s capacity if such is the power required. In addition, as soon as the outdoor temperature exceeds 7°C, the compressor is artificially smaller than the heat exchanger and is therefore overfed with renewable energy.


There is also no longer a current peak at start-up, which also reduces the consumption of the Crescendo Inverter heat pump. On average, the reductionin power consumption is between 10% and 20% compared to a standard AON heat pump. Because the heat pump operate more smoothly, the temperature of the pool remains constant at all times, without any variations in time. For every 1kW of electricity consumed, the Crescendo Inverter heal pump deliver up to 8kW of heat to your pool.


We take great care in the design and manufacture of our pumps. Each of them is thoroughly tested in the factory and then checked by an independent European organization. We use this on this range new generaton compressors operating in direct current.

The Crescendo Inverter improves the reliability and therefire the longevity of our heat pump. By giving priority to continuous  operation rather than a succession of on/off phases, Inverter technology makes your heat pump much more reliable. The life of the compressor is greatly improved and this allows for a better return on investment since the parts will be changed less often. The titanium heat exchanger is completly stainless and resists at corrosion from chlorine and other water treatment chemicals. Our technological choices, combined with our rigorous quality control, guarantee the durability of our products.


Robust and elegant: the front of the Crescendo pumps are made of ABS plastic with a “no aging” anti-UV treatment that will keep its original appearance for a long time.


The warranty is 3 years parts, labor & displacement for all parts except for:

  • Compressor for which the warranty is 5 years
  • Heat exchangers for which the warranty is for life

+ Product

  • Optional control of the filtration pump
  • Automatic reversal of the heat and cold
  • DC Inverter rotary compressor
  • Titanium helicoidal PVC exchanger
  • Anti-UV ABS plastic

+ Services

  • Warranty 3 years on site
  • Extension to 5 years
  • Warranty 5 years compressor
  • Warranty life time titanium exchanger (except for freezing)
  • National after-sales service network
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Pool size m3  15 – 40 20 – 50 30 – 60 40 – 75
Features Unit









Pool size m3  50 – 95 60 – 110 60 – 110 75 – 150